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Service FAQs

The following are answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by Land Pride customers.

Compact Drills


Why will my drill not plant?
Answer: The seed box is most likely not level. Level the drill in planting position.


Why are my coulters not going in the ground?
Answer: Level drill in planting position.
Add weight Bracket option & add customer supplied weights.
Adjust frame height so coulters are ½” to 1” deeper than desired seeding depth.


What is the maximum transport speed?
Answer: The Operator’s Manual states 20 MPH Max.


What is my seed rate setting for my Compact Drill?
Answer: Refer to the Operator’s Manual (manual can be found on Related Pages link below) for seed charts and for step by set calibration.


What coulter do I want to order?
Answer: The coulter chosen is determined by soil conditions and how much you want to disturb the soil in front of the opener. The 5/16” Fluted Blade offers low soil disturbance for pasture renovation. The 5/8” Turbo Blade provides maximum penetration and performance.


How large of a tractor do I need?
Answer: All compact drills need to stay in the HP range stated in the Operator's Manual (manual can be found on Related Products Page below). Lift capacity of the 3-point is critical on all 3-point drills.


How do I adjust Seed Depth?
Answer: Using T handle above press wheels adjust seed depth. Forward is deeper, rearward is shallower seed depth.


Do I need to add weight?
Answer: The drill can be ordered with the weight bracket, and then weight can be added as needed. Weight needed is typically 100# per foot.


Can I transport unit with seed in boxes?
Answer: No, load seed at field only.


Can I add seed boxes to my drill later on?
Answer: Yes, seed boxes can be added at a later date. Please note, there may be a longer lead time when ordering seed boxes separate from the unit, and there will be some parts not utilized from the kit.




HD Post Hole Diggers

Why won’t my auger go down into the ground?
Answer: There are many variables, but the most common is that the ground is hard, and requires extra weight. The optional down pressure kit will help in this condition.


Why does my HD turn slower than my PTO driven unit?
Answer: The HD unit has a different gear ratio, but it has more torque than the PD model. The RPMs of the HD is determined by GPM and pressure.


How many lbs. of down force does the optional down pressure kit add to the unit?
Answer: Around 500 lbs of down force is added when the kit is installed.


Can I use a grade 8 bolt to replace the shear pin?
Answer: No. Damage to the unit will occur if a higher grade bolt is used in place of the original.


Can I replace the teeth?
Answer: Yes, all teeth supplied by Land Pride are replaceable.


Core Areators

Why will the spoons not go into the ground?
Answer: This could be multiple things.  One the ground could be too hard, you may need to add weight to the unit.  Two your spoons could be plugged up do to not cleaning properly.  Three the ground may not have enough moisture in it.  


What size are the water tanks for the CA25?
Answer: For the CA2560 can add 490 lbs. with the water tanks and the CA2572 can add 600 lbs.


My spoons are bending, what is causing that?
Answer: Do not turn with the core aerator in the ground.  This puts too much stress on the spoon and they will bend.  


Can I get water tanks for this unit?
Answer: No, the water tanks are only for the CA25 series unit.  



Will this SGC06 or SGC10 grapple hook up to a John Deere tractor?
Answer: Yes, we offer it in a blank back, you will have to add your own mounts to it.  


Will this SGC05 grapple hook up to a John Deere tractor?
Answer: No this grapple is designed to go on Kubota BX and B units.  


Do I have to have a third function valve on my tractor for this unit to work?
Answer: No you can run off the rear remotes of the tractor too.  The third function valve makes it easier for a person to run the grapple and still have rear remotes available too.  


Disc Harrows

What accessories are available for my Disc Harrow to optimize its capabilities?

Electronic Spin Spreader – DH10, DH15 and DH25

Designed to plant or spread seed, fertilizer, lime, and other soil benefiting materials. Can also be used to spread sand and salt in ice and snow conditions.

Drag Harrow – DH10, DH15 and DH25 (optional seeding package)

  • Used to smooth out freshly cultivated soil and work material into the soil quicker.

Seed Bed Roller – DH10, DH15 and DH25 (optional seeding package)

  • Used to break up large clumps of soil and dirt clods. Aids in seed to soil contact for better germination rates.


Is it possible to add sweeps to the Disc Harrow?

An optional center sweep kit is available for the DH15, DH25 and DH35 series disc harrows.

9” Center Sweep Kit

Designed to remove center ridge.


Grading Scrapers

How often should the skid shoes be replaced?
Answer: The skid shoes should be replaced once the thickness that 1/8” at any point. For longer wear life the skid shoe can be turned around if one end is wearing faster than the other.


How do I replace worn shank tips on my Grading Scraper?
Answer: Shank tips can be removed by heating the dimpled area on both sides of the tip and using a blunt punch to force them off. New tips need to be dimpled with a punch once installed to securely hold them in place.


Can I use my Grading Scraper when I am traveling both forward and reverse?
Answer: Yes, Land Pride offers a rear mounted cutting blade kit which allows the user to move material while traveling forward and while backing up.


Box Scrapers

What is the difference between a HRL3578 and an HR3584

The HRL3578 is referred to as the lowback. It has a 19” lowback frame with a 17” moldboard.

The HR3584 is referred to as the highback. It has a 24” highback frame with a 23” moldboard.


Is the cutting blade replaceable?
Answer: Not only is the cutting blade replaceable, but it is reversible. The heat treated blade can be reversed for optimal use.


How do I raise and lower my shanks?

MR1572 is set up with a mechanical lever to raise and lower the shanks. (Always make sure the scraper is off the ground before adjusting shanks.)

To lower the shanks, pull lever towards unit to release lock pin and move lever away from unit until shank locks into desired position. To raise the shanks, pull lever towards the unit to release lock pin and move lever toward unit until shank locks into desired position.

HR2572, HR3584 and HRL3572 is set up to hydraulically raise and lower the shanks. (Always make sure the scraper is off the ground before adjusting shanks.)

  • To lower shanks retract hydraulic cylinder, and to raise shanks extend hydraulic cylinder.


    Can my retractable box scraper be used to backfill?

    MR15 and HR25 come equipped with a rear backfill blade. Simply lower the box scraper and back the rear facing grader blade into the material you are trying to backfill.

    HRL3578 and HR3584 is equipped with a rear hinged gate that can be locked or unlocked to aid in backfilling. The shanks must be raised during backfilling operation. Simply back the rear facing grader blade into the material you are trying to backfill and continue until task is accomplished.


    Can I adjust the depth of my shanks on my fixed bar box scraper?

    You can manually raise and lower the shanks on each unit.

    BB05 and BB12 has notches in each shank for 3 separate depth adjustments. A spring retainer clip inserted behind the shank hold it is place.

    BB15 and BB25 has 4 holes in each shank for depth adjustment. The shanks are secured with an L-shaped shank pin and cotter pin.


    Drag Scrapers

    What do I need to add weight to my BB45 Drag Scraper?
    Answer: The Optional Weight Box Assembly can be filled with concrete for added soil penetration.


    Post Hole Diggers

    What should I do if my auger is turning the wrong direction?
    Answer: Hydraulic hoses are reversed. Switch the hydraulic hoses at the outlet.


    What should I do if my auger digs half way down and stops, will not go any deeper?
    Answer: You could be coming across a hard soil layer that is causing more resistance on the auger assembly. Land Pride offers an option down pressure to aid in forcing the auger into the ground.


    What if I want to dig deeper than my 48” auger will allow?

    Land Pride offers two auger extensions for increased hole depth.

    7” Auger Extension

    14” Auger Extension


    What could be causing my driveline to drop when my shear bolt breaks?
    Answer: Drivelines come equipped with a retainer set screw to keep the driveline attached when the shear bolt has sheared. Verify that your unit has the correct grade shear bolt installed to prevent gearbox damage and make sure the retainer screw and nut are installed.


    Landscape Rakes

    Is there a flip down blade option?
    Answer: No - we do not offer a flip down blade on the 05 Series. 


    Is the flip down blade in front or behind the rake?
    Answer: The blade is in front of the rake. 


    Can I replace just one tooth?
    Answer: Yes, If one tooth becomes damaged you can easily remove one tooth and replace it. 


    Rear Blades

    Why are the blade angle & tilt very hard to move?
    Answer: King Pins have tight tolerances. With the blade on the ground, remove the washers/plates and use penetrating oil to lube the kingpin. Reassemble parts and rotate pivots.


    Can you spin the blade around with the tilt cylinder on it?
    Answer: Yes. The Tilt lug is below the turn table.

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