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New Holland Discbine 316 / NOT AVAILABLE

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New Holland has taken the Discbine® mower-conditioner to a new level with two new center-pivot models. Combining both speed and performance, the new Discbine® 313 and Discbine® 316 feature increased durability, more efficient crop flow and smoother, more effective conditioning.

The combination of larger cutting discs and a wider conditioning system leads to cleaner cutting, better crop flow and more consistent drying. Co-rotating disc modules have been removed on the Discbine 313 and reduced to one pair on the Discbine 316. This greatly reduces the crop convergence between the cutterbar and the conditioner.

Improved header attaching link geometry contributes to more responsive flotation. The rear pivot points of the header attaching links are lower than the pivot points on the front, ensuring the header moves up and back should you encounter an obstacle. In addition, the upper end of the flotation springs are anchored with a ball-and-socket arrangement that eliminates any binding as the header moves through its flotation range.



Discbine 316

Cutting width ft. in. (m)

16' 3" (4.95)

Cutting height in. (mm)

0.79 - 2.7 (20 - 69)

Cutting height w/opt. high-stubble shoes in. (mm)

3.1-5.5 (79-140)

Cutting height w/opt. Biomass shoes in. (mm)

4.9-7.8 (124-198)

Cutting height w/opt. adjustable shoes in. (mm)

0.79-5.8 (20-147)

Cutterbar tilt angle degrees

2 - 10

Type cutterbar


Number of discs/knives per disc


Disc speed @ 1000 rpm PTO speed rpm


Knife tip speed @ 1000 rpm PTO speed mph (k/h)

162 (261)

Cutterbar flotation

Vertical and lateral, adjustable springs

Cutterbar drive method

PTO drive w/slip clutch to bevel gearbox at LH end of header, vertical PTO shaft to cutterbar


Chevron intermeshing molded rubber, or chevron intermeshing steel rolls

Length in. (mm)

125 (3175)

Diameter in. (mm)

2 x 10.4 (264) rolls

Conditioner drive method

4 HB v-belt & enclosed gears

Speed rpm

750 or 640

Conditioning roll tension adjustment

Single crank

Conditioner gap adjustment

Drawbolt stop, each end

Swath width ft. (m)

10 (3.0)

Windrow width ft. (m)

3 - 8 (.9 - 2.4)

Input speed rpm


Driveline protection

Slip clutch and overrunning clutch assembly @ rear of PTO shaft
Tractor Requirements  

Minimum PTO power required hp (kW)

100 (75)

PTO shaft spline/size requirements

21-spline/1 3/8"

Hydraulic circuits required


Minimum relief pressure required, psi (bar)

1500 (103)


7-pin electrical connector for transport lights

Drawbar/3-pt Hitch

ASAE Cat. III drawbar or Cat. III 3-pt hitch

Tubless Ag rib implement tires

12.5L x 15 8PR
Transport Speed, Maximum  

Transport Speed, Maximum mph

20 (32)
Dimensions ¹ and Weight ²  

Width, transport ft. in. (m)

16' 7" (5.05)

Width, operating ft. in. (m)

25' 7"(7.8) w/2-pt swivel hitch; 23' 11" (7.3) w/drawbar swivel hitch

Length, transport ft. in. (m)

32' 0" (9.7) w/2-pt swivel hitch; 31'' 0" (9.4) w/drawbar swivel hitch

Length, operating ft. in. (m)

26' 7" (8.1) w/2-pt swivel hitch; 25' 7" (7.8) w/drawbar swivel hitch

Height, transport ft. in. (m)

7' 5" (2.26)

Height, operating ft. in. (m)

6' 7" (2.01)

Ground clearance w/header fully raised in. (mm)

16.2 (411)

Weight, Shipping lb. (kg)

Less Hitch 6845 (3104); w/2pt or dbr 7020 (3184)

Weight, Operating lb. (kg)

w/2pt or dbr 6700 (3039)